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computer problems?!!


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I need a computer that

Can handle recording,can handle games,has a sick graphics card

If anyone can help me with this sort of problem please comment down below the computer and the link where you got it please

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Why not look at the threads that are open about decent computers? There are many that can be found on the forums; and you can use Google to find out what computer would be decent for gaming.

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Considering we're sort of on the same wavelength with this topic mademan, keep an eye on my topic I made in the Technical Support section.


Sure you'll find it useful too

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Intel i-7 CPU

Nvidia GTX 700 series card or Titan

ASUS VG248QE monitor

16gb RAM or more

SSD drive or VelociRaptors in RAID


Budget version:

Intel i-5 (or equivalent AMD processor)

GTX 660ti or higher (or equivalent AMD card)

Old ass CRT monitor (or the fastest new one you can afford)

16gb ram


www.newegg.com or www.microcenter.com or www.tigerdirect.com

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