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Server Settings?


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Hey Guys iam new here.


Iam from Swiss and i love this Server and this hardcore Players :)

Iam an old Renegade Player but got a big break and came pack to the roots..


The Server settings are great and less lag.

But i got a question about it, is it normal i get 20 or more % damage to C4 and Splash damage from Tanks?

Its strange to see that, but i can see  a differenceto Damage i do (with c4)?  The only was is when iam shoot and hit straigt.

When i do Spalsh damage there is noting other about Renegade 1.037

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Hmm and i got every where HS from every one? how u tell me this? normal? haha, good anti lag program to set helpaim for nuubies in CCR to implement. or what was it? its impossible to hit 20 of 19 Shots to HS... And 5 of them i got the enemy dosent know i come. Bam HS ....

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looool Thats enough. Sniper make 20 Damage per shot to heavy Veh? and more of this SHIT... Its time to going DIE Renegade. Dont need answers i saw it now to often, but RIP Westwood. And ur TT wouldnt it make better, only more shit gonna happend... This game is Over, Schande über euer Haupt

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