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Renegade config..


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I just reinstalled renegade.. everything works fine..


But everytime i run the game renegade config window appears first, if i click OK it just runs fine


but each time i have config window on screen..


i have windows 7 pro 64 bit..


any ideas?

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I'm pretty sure that has something to do with whether u pick game.exe/game2.exe/renegade.exe

i tried all 3.. problem continues :/

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Mine used to do that, I had to manually change resolutions in the ren config file to get it to go away. (This was before 4.1 though)

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whatever problem is it also resets my key configs to default settings everytime i join a server :/


Got the same problem, all time i start the game my personal key settings are restet to default. (like change weapon forward to mouse page forward. ASO)

where Renegade save those settings? "C:users/owner/my documents/Renegade/Client" if its there, i think Renegade wont create anymore a new file, after i delete this Folder at last.

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