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[ CONTACT FORM ] rampant cheating


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Sent by: Xenrix
Email Address: xenrix@gmail.com
Sent on: 21 March 2014 - 05:53 PM
Your Board URL:


Are you guys going to have admin on ever? i love this server but the number of hack is insane

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It might very well be Ren-X, I have never seen Xenrix on MC, plus myself and the other mods on MC catch cheaters as soon as we find them, so it's all good in MC for now... :)

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I like how he has no posts whilst being the creator of this topic


My guess would be RenegadeX too

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RenX AOW 1. I never did see any cheating after this topic, dude must've gotten bored and left. Idk who it was either.

He was still validating when he made this topic, @ the no-posts thing. Not sure how he even posted tbh. XD

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