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[ CONTACT FORM ] I was banned and i dont know what to do


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Sent by: ForkingU

Email Address: dougshaver1@aol.com

Sent on: 30 March 2014 - 11:58 PM

Your Board URL:


Ive read the forums and i cant post to them so im trying here. I have just signed up to rencorner because i was banned from the marathon server in renegade. My user name is ForkingU and all i know right now is i was banned at 11:10pm on 3/30/14 or at least that's when i got the message. I didn't know to write down the admins name so i don't know what it is unless its what i think i was banned for which was Dubi - hax or something like that now i don't even know what that is and i haven't even played renegade in years. I know im running up to date scripts and i don't even know what i did i just logged on like normal had some connection issues and then i was banned if theirs anything i can do to help you guys let me know i just want to play again and Thank you for your time.

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I validated your account. I need to know the ban id it gives you when you try to join so I can look it up.

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You joined the game just fine on one ip, lagged out, came back on anchorfree isp, got kicked.


anchorfree.com ISP is banned. Known proxy site that Renegade cheaters love. Use your regular centurytel.net ISP.

[23:07:38] <RCAOW> Name: ForkingU IP: 98.125.*.*FDSID: 1 Host: 98-125-*-*.dyn.centurytel.net.[23:08:43] <RCAOW> 14RC: ForkingU lost communication with the server![23:09:38] <RCAOW> Name: ForkingU IP: 199.255.*.*FDSID: 1 Host: 199-255-*-*.anchorfree.com.[23:09:38] <RCBOT> !fds kick 1 Dubi-hax - If not, please visit rencorner.co.
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