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Cant get English interface for OS WinXP. SP3.


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Hola! :)


I've got a netbook with the Spanish interface and this is the only optional "PC device" for me to use. D:

For the entire month I have been tortured in attempts to install english interface, tried for MUI but they all seems to be not working! lol


The software characteristing - WinXP. SP3.

Simply the english interface is required, nothing else.


but though it keeps resistant in the way like - 'Paquetes de idiomas y baguette, jamón, olives...

Ok, gotta get back to butt with this español PC - toro! !english motherfuckerdoyouspeakit.

Missing you. Will be back :wub: . kiss

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pls read jason




This English page is for reference only, Language Interface Packs (LIP) for Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition is not available in English, but provides a localized User Interface for emerging or minority language markets.
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