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Looking for some help with 3d modeling.


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So i got a 3d printer, and downloaded the model I want to print, but I need to stretch it out a bit and cut off the unnecessary parts.


Seems like a simple thing to do, but I cant seem to figure it out. 


I've tried 5 different programs, and always some compatibility issue.

I've ended up with Sketchup which seems like it will work, but I have no clue about modeling.


I did the youtube tutorials on it, (like 7 videos), and can't find what I'm looking for.


If any of you have experience with 3d modeling, I could use some help. 


Id be happy to print out something for you in return, if anyone can help with this.



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Which printer do you have?

Can you give a link to the model you need editing?


I'm guessing you probably want scale for the first part and (maybe) the eraser tool for the second, dependant on what you want to remove.

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I got the da vinci 1.0 from XYZprinting


and I'll PM you a link to the model, I'm not sure its appropriate to post it here.

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I found some tutorials here: http://support.xyzprinting.com/eu_en/Support/tutorial


And customer support: http://support.xyzprinting.com/eu_en/Support


Reading their page it also said there was a control panel of some sort. To edit models.





Our easy to use control panel allows you to drag and drop files right onto the virtual build space. Scale, move or rotate individual models or groups of models at once.


But if you didn't buy it new, then you most likely have to scale and edit it yourself. Maybe I can take a look at it if you want me to...


If it's the compatibility issue, I could always export the file into another extension to use in other softwares and vice versa. I only know how to use AutoCAD and Inventor...

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