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So I'm trying to get sound to work on my computer using a stereo.  The aux cord is plugged into the sound card and runs into the back of the TV in DVI audio "in".  Then I have a aux cord go from "out" to my stereo.  I'm using a hdmi cable with my computer and a PS3.  If I play anything using my PS3 the sound works.  I've had this setup before with the same equipment and this time around it doesn't work.  I've even uninstalled the sound drivers and checked my sound settings.  The only sound I can get is if I plug in my headphones..


If anyone could give me a hand that would be great, thanks.

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I went through my uninstall list and got rid of everything.  Had some Nvidia sound drivers in there, soon as I get rid of them and re installed the Sound Blaster drivers and restarted it worked.  Knew it was something stupid like that.

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