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IRC problem


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[16:10] <&ReLoaDeD> !Pl
[16:10] <&RCAOW> Total Players: 3/50
[16:10] <&RCAOW> GDI: 2 NOD: 1
[16:10] <&RCAOW> GDI: Andy          Andyman         Gulse           
[16:10] <&RCAOW> Nod: ^ReLaX        OSTKD4rKz          
[16:10] <%bad2gurlz> lol
[16:10] <%bad2gurlz> wtf
[16:10] <&ReLoaDeD> thefuck
[16:10] <&RCAOW> [CRATE] OSTKD4rKz got the EMP crate  ( Vehicle )
[16:10] <&RCAOW> Host: [DA] Electro magnetic pulse detected! Any nearby vehicles have been temporarily disabled.
[16:10] <&ReLoaDeD> im not there
[16:10] <%bad2gurlz> i knoiw
[16:10] <&RCAOW> OSTKD4rKz: ohno
[16:10] <&RCAOW> [PURCHASE] Andy - Hotwire
[16:10] <%bad2gurlz> neither is gulse
[16:10] <%bad2gurlz> !qkick gulse wtf
[16:10] <&RCAOW> Host: [bR] Gulse has been kicked from the server by bad2gurlz@IRC for wtf
[16:10] <%bad2gurlz> !pl
[16:10] <&RCAOW> Total Players: 3/50
[16:10] <&RCAOW> GDI: 2 NOD: 1
[16:10] <&RCAOW> GDI: Andy          Andyman         Gulse           
[16:10] <&RCAOW> Nod: ^ReLaX        OSTKD4rKz          
[16:10] <%bad2gurlz> wtf
[16:10] <&RCAOW> Host: [bR] If you think you have what it takes to be a Moderator(politeness/active), make an application on the forums.
[16:11] <&RCAOW> [Connect] reetkever( 8c8bc9d5e224450d9bc4452ae1951ffa ID 5
[16:11] <&RCAOW> Player reetkever joined the game on team Nod [Join: WOL, Client: 4.1 Final] [4/50] 
[16:11] <&RCAOW> OSTKD4rKz: hmm
[16:11] <&RCAOW> Name: reetkever IP: FDSID: 5 Host: 31-151-12-219.dynamic.upc.nl.
[16:11] <&RCAOW> [Connect] MadsMax26( bed3945cc3a968ee7cfedc35d6479262 ID 6
[16:11] <&RCAOW> Player MadsMax26 joined the game on team GDI [Join: WOL, Client: 4.1 Final] [5/50] 
[16:11] <&RCAOW> [Auth] madsmax26 has been Auto Authenticated!
[16:11] <&RCAOW> Name: MadsMax26 IP: FDSID: 6 Host: port45.ds1-rd.adsl.cybercity.dk Country DK.
[16:11] <&RCAOW> Host: MadsMax26 is a half moderator.
[16:11] <&RCAOW> reetkever is using 4.1 Final Revision 6482. Server 
[16:11] <&RCAOW> Host: [bR] reetkever is using Scripts 4.1 Final.
[16:11] <&RCAOW> [PURCHASE] MadsMax26 - Engineer
[16:12] <&ReLoaDeD> !rc freetkever
[16:12] <&RCAOW> MadsMax26 is using 4.1 Final Revision 6482. Server Version 4.1 6481 Revision 6481
[16:12] <&RCAOW> Host: [bR] MadsMax26 is using Scripts 4.1 Final.
[16:12] <&RCAOW> [PURCHASE] reetkever - Engineer
[16:12] <%bad2gurlz> !pl
[16:12] <&RCAOW> Total Players: 5/50
[16:12] <&RCAOW> GDI: 3 NOD: 2
[16:12] <&RCAOW> GDI: %MadsMax26      Andy          Andyman         Gulse          
[16:12] <&RCAOW> Nod: ^ReLaX        OSTKD4rKz        reetkever         
so i think there is some problems with the !pl button or idk, gulse and relax are not in the game but it shows up in IRC as well as you might have noticed that i qkicked gulse but still hes there when technically hes not.someone fix this please


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