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Can't 'Connect' with Renlist


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Hi guys


Thought about joining a Renny game again after playing Ren-X all these last months.


However, I can't 'Connect' wie Renlist? The button is simply not clickable. Any ideas? I just updated Renlist, is there some Renegade update i missed? 4.1 was released February, I think i got that already.

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well renlist been fukin up for everyone lately , it could be the path like lucky said or that renegade (game.exe) process is open on your pc


If everything fails , you can try to direct connect like so :


-create a shortcut for renegade.exe game.exe or game2.exe

-right click - > properties    on the shortcut

- int the target box add this line             +connect netplayername SoQTrilli

- should look something like this    "D:\Games\renegade\game2.exe" +connect netplayername OSTKvlat

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You got it, it was the installation path, eventhough it was correct before I just had to rechoose the exact same path and now it seems to be working. Thank you, guys.


See you around ingame. Great to see your server's still alive.

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