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Hard Drive issues (Hopefully fixed)


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I recently had some issues with my hard drive that was partitioned by me, and also of course the OEM partition...

Nowadays, any hard drive is partitioned with a SYSTEM, the main C: Partition, and the OEM Partition... Now I added a 'Storage' Partition, and it placed it AFTER the OEM Partition, and I started to have a massive problem anytime I accessed the Storage Partition... It would freeze my comp and have the HD constantly trying to access SOME files on the Storage Partition I created, which caused my comp to freeze because it was trying to access 'Corrupt' files or folders even though CHKDSK would say I have no errors.... Now, after reinstalling windows 2 freaking times, Windows install would NOT allow me to delete the Storage Partition I created even after removing all partitions except the OEM partition during windows install...

I was starting to think that my HD was crapping-out on me, BUT came to the decision to delete the OEM partition during Windows install, and THEN it allowed me to delete the Storage Partition I had which I couldn't remove, which so far made my HD more stable again.

I'm just wondering if anyone else had this same problem, IF I explained it clear enough, of course, and if it IS the HD crapping-out, should I switch my HD with a new one, because I lost a LOT of stuff off the 'Storage' Partition because of the corruption? I know I didn't make everything clear, but any info would be helpful! :)

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